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Speeches and Presentations

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (November 2009)
Politics: Obama Post-Inauguration Series at University of Toronto Scarborough Campus 2009
100th Anniversary of the Alberta Law Society 2007
Combatting Hatred in the 21st Century 2007
Ontario Human Rights Commission Conference 2007
Black Law Students Association of Canada Keynote Address 2006
African Canadian Community Coalition on Racial Profiling Keynote Address 2004
Indigenous Bar Association and Quebec Native Women's Association National Conference Against Hate and Racism Canada 2004
Ontario Human Rights Commission Race Policy Symposium 2004
Eva's Initiatives
Law Society of Alberta 100th Anniversary
Black Law Students' Association of Canada
Soulpepper Theatre
Community Cultural Impressarios
Creative Trust
Department of Candian Heritage National Symposium on Racial Profiling
Ontario Human Rights Commission
Provincial Legal Aid Committee of Ontario - Access and Equity for Legal Clinics;
Aga Khan Foundation - November 2012
Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership - October 2012
International Association of Black Dance - January 2012
Canadian Council for Refugees - June 2012
Professional Association of Canadian Theatres - May 2012
CARFAC National 'Art and Law' Conference - June 2012
Canadian Dance Assembly National Conference - October 2012

Canadian Labour Congress - "Rise Up For Your Rights"    (December 2010)

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Anti-Racism in Education: Missing In Action    

Urban Alliance on Race Relations - "International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination"

Diversity In Library Services: From Newcomers To The Continuum Of Service    (February 2010)

Modernizing Settlement: Change Management In the Context of Equity and Diversity    
OCASI Executive Directors’ Forum    (November 3, 2009)

Municipal Infrastructure Integrating Internationally Educated Experienced Workers Workforce

CLC Human Rights Convention forum    (May 2008)

Chief Justice of Ontario's Fourth Colloquium on Professionalism    

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