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Institutional Change Work

Organizational Change Management ♦  Customized Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Anti-racism Initiatives ♦ Equity Audits ♦ Strategic Planning ♦ Education & Training 

Human Rights Investigations 


Customized for organizations: From equity audit to implementation planning

  • Comprehensive information-gathering, assessment and analysis to ensure an in-depth understanding of the organization or institution; and where it is situated on the pathway to racial equity

  • Evidence-based and data-driven recommendations; rooted in the organization's mission and mandate 

  • Customized action and implementation plans; building on organizations’ strengths to create an iterative process of making equity, diversity and inclusion an integral part of future strategic plans

  • Policy development and guidance in implementation of new/ revised policies across all areas of operations and/or services

Customized for employees: Equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism education and training 

  • Tailored development of content, format and delivery method with the goal to optimize results and avoid fading of impact

  • Comprehensive education/training with a focus on practical strategies for advancing cultural competence as well as individual accountability at all staff levels

  • Designed to shift mindsets - individual and institutional