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• Pluralism in the Arts in Canada: A Change is Gonna Come (2012)
• Anti-Racism in Education: Missing in Action (2010)

• Conflict, Crisis and Accountability: Law Enforcement and Racial Profiling in Canada

• Fleurette Africaine
• Partial Lives (Williams-Wallace, 1987)
• Teeth of the Whirlwind (Black Perspectives, 1983)
• Bantu (Black Perspectives, 1984)
• Sad Dances in a Field of White (Is Five Press, 1985)
Poetry has appeared in several magazines and collections, including: Dandelion, Poetry Canada Review, the Quill and Quire, Descant, Canadian Forum, By-words, Amethyst Review, Canadian Ethnic Studies, Arts Victoriana, Fiery Spirits (Harper Collins), Fiddlehead and other magazines

• The Implications of Housing for Racial and Ethnic Minorities (Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Race Relations Training Program Resource, 1994)
• When the Rules Do Not Apply and the Resources are not Equal: Dispute Resolution Between Large Public Sector Institutions and Low-Income Racial Minority Communities (North American Conference on Peace-Making and Conflict Resolution, 1988).
• Racism and Urban Planning: Building Equity or Waiting for Explosions (Stanford Law and Policy Review, 1997)
• Addressing Racism in Canada Today: The Challenge of Our Times (Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Refugee Settlement)
• The Restructured Landscape: Politics and Social Change at the End of the Millennium (Calgary Foundation, 2000, and ERA 2000 Conference on Anti-racism in the new millennium)
• Tuition Fee Increases and the History of Racial Exclusion in the Canadian Legal Profession (Canadian Diversity, 2004)
• Crisis, Conflict and Accountability (Directions, Canadian Race Relations Foundation
• Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Social Constructionists: Or Shedding Light on the Unpardonable Whiteness of the Canadian Legal Profession" - Alberta Law Review

Canadian Bar Association

• Ten Years Into the Future: Where Are We Now After Touchstones for Equality? (2003)
• Concerns on Increasing Tuition Fees at the University of Toronto (2003)
• Response to the Provost Study of Accessibility and Career Choice in the University of Toronto Faculty of Law (2003)
• Comments on Methodologies To Study Accessibility to Law Schools (2004)
• This has been published with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives in

Chief Justice of Ontario's Fourth Colloquium on Professionalism and the Alberta Law Review and National Judicial Institute
Who is Afraid of the Social Constructionists? Or Shedding Light on the Unpardonable Whiteness of the Canadian Legal Profession

Ontario Hate Crimes Community Working Group
• Hate Crime Victimization and Links Between Hate Bias, Violence and Racism (2006)

African Canadian Legal Clinic
• Anti-Black Racism in Canada: A Report on the Canadian Government's Compliance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (with Erica Lawson, 2002)
• Crisis, Conflict and Accountability: The Implications and Impact of Police Racial Profiling (2004)
* Disparities Between Youth of African Descent and Others in Conflict With the Law (with Ms Tina Lopes) (2012 - 2012 - 2012)

Canadian Court Challenges Program and the African Canadian Community Coalition on Racial Profiling
• Borders and Exclusions: Racial Profiling and the Anti-Terrorism Act (2004)

National Secretariat Against Hate and Racism Canada
• Hate and Racism in Canada National Conference (2004)
• Hate Crimes, the Criminal Code and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (2006)

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal (with Ms Tina Lopes)
• Report on the Implementation of Anti-Racism Organizational Change in the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (2005)
• Submission of the Consultants Supplementing the Proposal of February 3, 2005
• Selection Criteria for External Human Rights Investigators (2005)
• First Annual Report (2006)
• First Quarterly Report (2006)
• Second Quarterly Report (2006)
• Second Annual Report (2007)
• Response to the Ministry’s July 20, 2007 Correspondence to the Tribunal (2007)
• Interim Report for 2007

Law Society of Upper Canada:
• The Impact of Increasing Law School Tuition Fees on Aboriginal Peoples and Equity -Seeking Groups (2002)
• Model Strategies on the Recruitment and Selection of Students for Articling and Summer Positions (2002)
• At the Foot of the Walls of Jericho: Future Directions for Equity and Diversity in Legal Education (2001), paper presented at University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law Conference on Legal Education
• The Discrimination/Harassment Counsel Program for the Law Society of Upper Canada (2000)
• Discussion Document: Development of Law Society Equity and Diversity Action Plans (2000)
• Law Society of Upper Canada: Equity and Diversity Action Plans (2000-2005)
• Review of the French Language Services Policy (2002)
• Review and Recommendations on the Discrimination and Harassment Counsel Program (2001)
• Equity and Diversity in Bar Admission Course Reform: A Review of the Literature (1999)
• Equity and Diversity Perspective and Analysis for the Review of the Rules of Professional Conduct (1999)
• Response to the CBA Report ‘Racial Equality in the Legal Profession’ (2000)

The City of Toronto and former Municipality of Metro Toronto
• Employment Benefits for Same-Sex Partners (1997-98)
• Goals, Principles and Implementation Guidelines for Access to Metropolitan Contracts by Ethno-Racial and Aboriginal Businesses, Small Businesses and Businesses owned by Women and Peoples with Disabilities (1997)
• Systemic Analysis of Human Rights Complaints in the Metro Toronto Reference Library (1997)
• Annual Report on the Metro Toronto Human Rights Program (1997)
• Implications of the Federal Government’s Right of Landing Fee on Metro Residents (1997)
• Employment Systems Review of the Department of Ambulance Services (1995)
• Revised Workplace Harassment Policy and Procedures (1997)
• Analysis of the Metro Toronto Police Employment Equity Program (1997)
• Second Annual Report on Ethno-Racial and Aboriginal Access to Metropolitan Services (1994)
• Framework for Action: Goals, Principles and Implementation Guidelines for Ethno-Racial Access to Metropolitan Grants (1993)
• Breaking the Barriers: Review of the Implementation of the Municipality of Metro Toronto’s Ethno-Racial and Aboriginal Access to Services Policy (1992
• Submission by Metro Council to the Toronto Transition Team on the Roles and Responsibilities of the New City of Toronto for Anti-Racism, Access and Equity (1997)
• Organizational Development and Change of Metro’s Functions on Access and Equity (1995)
• Ethno-Racial Access to Metropolitan Services Policy (1990)
• Multicultural Funding Policy (1988)

• It’s About Respect: A Video Series on Harassment and Discrimination in Law Firms, Canadian Bar Association
• The Extent of Hate and Racist Activity in Metro Toronto prepared by Dr. Karen Mock, the League for Human Rights, B’Nai Brith Canada 1996
• From Marches to Modems: Perpetrators of Hate in Metro Toronto prepared by Mr. Bernie Farber, the Canadian Jewish Congress 1997
• Awareness to Action: Guidelines for Effective Communication with Ethno-Racial and Aboriginal Communities prepared by Betsy Kappel and Zubeida Ramji, 1994
• Hate: Communities Can Respond prepared by Cassandra Fernandes/Donna Costanza and the Metro Toronto Advisory Committee on Anti-Hate and Anti-Racism 1997
• A Review of Ethno-Racial and Aboriginal Access to Metro Contracts prepared by Equal Opportunity Consultants 1992
• Doors to the Community: A Report on the Capacity and Availability of Community-Based Agencies to Provide Translation and Interpreter Services to Metro Toronto prepared by R. Yampolsky 1992
• The Composition and Implications of Metro Toronto’s Ethnic, Racial and Linguistic Communities prepared by T. Turner 1995
• A Jewel Worth Polishing: The Report of the Caribbean Cultural Committee/Metro Toronto Chairman’s Task Force on Caribana prepared by P. Hunter 1996
• Pursuit of Equity: A Central Pillar of Regional and Municipal Government prepared by Kim Graham, Access and Equity Centre/Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto, 1996
• After Golden, Crombie and Leach: A Report on The Prospects for Access and Equity in the New City of Toronto prepared by P. Hunter 1997
• Anti-Racism, Access and Equity in the New City of Toronto prepared by A. M. Stewart 1997
• Who’s Listening: The Impact of Immigrant and Refugee Settlement on Toronto prepared by P. Hunter 1997
• Access and Equity In the New City of Toronto, 1998
• Accommodation of Creed and Religious Beliefs, Gender Related Accommodation and Accommodation for Persons with Disabilities: Legal Developments and Best Practices, Equity Initiatives Department/Law Society of Upper Canada, 2001
• Model Policies for Law Society of Upper Canada: Equity Policies for Law Firms 1999, Flexible Work Arrangements 2000, Accommodations, 2001; Harassment and Discrimination 2002
• Equity and Diversity in Law Firms: A Review of the Literature prepared by Laura Heller and Charles Novogradsky 2001
• Model Strategies and Guidelines for the Promotion of Women in the Practice of Law prepared by Jane Allen, Laura Heller and Charles Novogradsky, 2002

• Conflict, Crisis, and Accountability - Racial Profiling and Law Enforcement in Canada
• Captus Press - "Introduction the Legal Studies"
• Opportunities For Pluralism In Performing Arts Ontario (index)
• Ontario Trillium Foundation / Ontario Arts Council Compass Grants Program (index)
• Renewing Municipal Infrastructure and Integrating Internationally-educated and Experienced Workers Into the Workforce: An Exploration of Immediate National Needs
• Pluralism in the Arts in Canada: A Change is Gonna Come (2012) Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
• Fleurette Africaine (poetry 2012) wind in the leaves collective


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